breeding program & litters

As a small breeder, much consideration goes into planning of litters. I usually only breed 1-2 litters each year, however, there are a number planned for 2019. Upcoming breeding plans for SUMMER/FALL 2019 will include Pippin’s third and final litter (to AKC CH/CKC GCH Rolyarts Sound of Thunder) and Harlow’s (CH Don’s Cirque du Soleil) to Tom (CH Clussexx Pay Per View for Don’s) second litter and then at some point her 3rd litter in 2020 (while I am on sabbatical). Litters will be whelped in either Nova Scotia or NJ depending on my academic schedule. If you are interested, please read, complete, and submit the questionnaire and contact me to discuss the litters.

future litters

  1. CH Long Lane’s Promise to Limberlost (Pippin) x GCH Rolyarts Sound of Thunder (Quinn)

  2. CH Don’s Cirque du Soleil (Harlow) x CH Clussexx Pay Per View for Don’s (Tom)

  3. CH Don’s Cirque du Soleil (Harlow) x ??

current litter

‘PHI’ Litter

April 2, 2019

Pippin (CH Long Lane’s Promise to Limberlost) was bred to Don’s Superman (Hugo) and whelped 5 puppies (2 girls, 3 boys) on April 2, 2019! Her pregnancy was confirmed here. The puppies, who have all gone to their forever homes are cute, lively, and biddable! Pippin is a fabulous momma! Here are pictures of Pippin and Hugo (click on their names). We all know Pippin’s activity level is high at times, but, throughout the 8 weeks of motherhood, she showed herself to be a thoughtful, caring mother. She didn’t let them out of her sight for the first two weeks and was boundless keeping the other girls at bay. But once all settled down into a pattern, Pippin was fine. These puppies are the most chilled and easy going WSS I have seen and have nicely settled into their forever homes in Halifax, NS; Sackville, NS, Burlington, ON and SC. One has remained home in Canaan.

  • Long Lane Phi Alpha Mu (now Mae)

  • Long Lane Phi Beta (now Toby)

  • Long Lane Phi Gamma (now Piper)

  • Long Lane Phi Delta Theta (now Fiddler)

  • Long Lane Phi Epsilon (now Finch)

previous litters

‘WH’ Litter

November 21, 2018

Harlow finally came into season during the summer and was bred to Watson (Long Lane Lasting Impression) and then delivered 8 puppies (4 girls, 4 boys) over three hours without incident. This is Harlow’s first litter and she is a fabulous and patient momma. The puppies are bright, funny, active, yet are wonderful lap puppies. These puppies have all been spoken for and will travel mid-January 2019 to their forever homes in Houston TX, Brooklyn NY, Olathe KS, Victoria BC (Canada), Princeton NJ, and Street MD.

  • Long Lane When Stars Align (Cosie)

  • Long Lane Whisper Words of Wisdom (Zizia)

  • Long Lane Who’s On First (Mickey)

  • Long Lane Whole Lotta Life of Reilly (Reilly)

  • Long Lane Whence She Came (Spur)

  • Long Lane Whistles Down The Wind (Mabli)

  • Long Lane Who’s Counting (Wedge)

  • Long Lane Where Ferguson Runs (Fergus)


'Nautical' Litter

April 5, 2018

Teddy came into season unexpectedly (as I was waiting for Pippin and/or Harlow) and I elected to use frozen semen for her (absolute!) last litter. She safely delivered 8 puppies (5 boys and 3 girls) via c-section followed by her spay. All of these puppies either reside on the water or has direct access to the water, thus the nautical theme. They are all living wonderful lives in Scituate, MA, Hingham, MA, Boston, MA, Woodstock, VT, Ithaca, NY, New York City, NY, Toronto, ON, and Coldbrook, NS. 

  • Lord Leonwood at Long Lane (Woody)

  • Lord Rowan Seafield of Long Lane (Rowan)

  • Long Lane Two If By Sea (Tibs)

  • Stella Maris of Long Lane (Gemma)

  • Long Lane's Child of the Wandering Sea (Clover)

  • Long Lane Helmsman Sent From Heaven (Dante)

  • Laker of Long Lane (Finleigh)

  • Long Lane Boatswain's Mate of HMS Halsted (Bos'n)

'America the Beautiful' Litter

July 4, 2016

In the early hours of July 4, 2016, Pippin delivered 5 puppies (3 boys, 2 girls). These puppies now live the life  by Chicago in Illinois, on the water in Maryland, in the urban areas of St. Louis, in a dog friendly community in Virginia, and in a small village in the UK. 

  • Long Lane Amber Waves (Ruby)

  • Long Lane for Spacious Skies (Baxter)

  • Long Lane Rockets' Red Glare (Traveler)

  • Long Lane God Shed His Grace on Thee (Abigail)

  • Long Lane Dawn's Early Light (Lenny)

'Last' Litter 

July 9, 2016

Teddy's last litter is her most tempered one. While separated from Pippin's puppies until they were two weeks old,  once in the pack they became as active as their kin but equally as smart and responsive! These little ones are now happily living with their families on the MA coast, the blue grass in Kentucky, the summer camp by Acadia National Park, and near the Citadel in South Carolina. 

  • Long Lane First and Last (Oliver)

  • Long Lane Lasting Impressions (Watson)

  • Long Lane She Who Laughs Last (Lucy)

  • Long Lane Last But Not Least (Redford)

'Time' Litter

December 28, 2015

After a leisurely drive from NS to ME to NY and finally to Lawrenceville, NJ, Teddy delivered 4 healthy puppies (1 boy, 3 girls) within an hour after arriving JUST IN TIME. Teddy enjoyed Tessa's and Marion's company during her confinement. These puppies when to their forever homes in an architectural paradise in Florida, on a large acreage in Maryland, by the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and as a transient dog between Long Beach Island and Florida.

  • Long Lane Time and Again (Baer)

  • CH Long Lane Showtime Gal (Myf)

  • Long Lane Time of Wonder (Willa)

  • Long Lane Third Time's A Charm (Lila)

'Winter' Litter

March 4, 2014

Snow and storms was the name of the game when Teddy was bred to Freedom (GCH Ivywild's Seven Blessings) and whelped 7 little blessings. The worst storms to hit NS and MA did not deter our travels to Boston for breeding and NJ for whelping. These puppies went to their forever homes in CO, PA, NY, MA, VA, and RI just when winter was ending!

  • Long Lane Winter Solstice (Boone)

  • Long Lane Winter Iceman (Kiki)

  • Long Lane Winter (Rafa)

  • Long Lane Winter in Wiscassett (Cooper)

  • Long Lane Winter (Wilma)

  • Long Lane Winter (Honey)

  • CH Long Lane Winter's Traveler (Tucker)

'Promise' Litter

April 14, 2012

This was Teddy's first litter. As it was a litter promised by Teddy's co-owner Colleen O'Keefe (along with the promise of Teddy's CH), promise became the litter theme. The litter was whelped at Rolyart's as Colleen was ill at the time. She returned  home to spend time with the puppies but re-entered the hospital as the first puppy was going to her forever home. Sadly, Colleen passed away two weeks later. These puppies are currently loved by their families in AZ, RI, IO, MN, WA, and NS. 

  • CH Long Lane's Promise to Limberlost (Pippin)

  • Long Lane Promises, Promises (Chelsea)

  • Long Lane Oh Promise Me (Jasper)

  • Long Lane (Ruger)

  • Long Lane A Lick and A Promise (Maisy)

  • Long Lane (Ella)

  • Long Lane Promises to Keep (Miles)